Driving license and Genoa

This week I had my first driving lesson and I enjoyed it so much!! Unfortunately I haven’t had much time to drive, as my teacher explained to me how to use every single tool in the car,but I still enjoyed it. At the beginnig it has been quite complicated, as I didn’t know the English words […]

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Busy week even on holiday

This week has been quite busy even if I was on holiday.  First of all I had to do all my homework, as I’m a great procrastinator and I always start them as late as I can. I completely underestimated my school work but fortunately I managed to finished it on time. On Wednesday I […]

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Manchester and my family

This week I’ve met my family in Manchester and it has been amazing. They said that I looked a way more mature and responsible than I used to, so I was quite pleased about it. They’ve also pointed out, though, that I might have gained some weight , so they gave me a few pieces […]

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This week I’ve been a bit worried and upset but at the same time I actually understood how much my English friends  are important to me. They’ve actually been there for me and they’ve helped me a lot, much more than they could ever imagine. I’m so so glad to have them, they’re all great […]


Christmas is coming😍

This week I’ve officially bought all the Christmas presents and I’m quite happy about it. Christmas it’s getting closer and closer and I’m super excited about it. Now, when I’m talking to my parents we’re always organising and speaking about when we’ll see each other in Manchester and it’s so weird! It seems yesterday when […]

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York and English weather ☔

Yesterday I went to York and I had a really realy good day.💞 In the morning, though, I was very upset because we’ve lost our train as it was too full to get in. When we finally managed to get to York the day began and things started to get better🎉 We first met some […]

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