Really boring week.

This week has been a bit boring. I’ve been at home since Wednesday, because of the “Beast of the East”, and it has been quite painful for me. So today I decided to escape to the gym just to get out of the house. Don’t get me wrong, I love staying at home doing nothing, […]

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3 weeks in a post.

It’s been 3 weeks since I last wrote in my blog and loads of things have changed. 1st week: I was super excited as Bia was coming for my birthday and I couldn’t think about anything else.🎉 When I went to the coach station to pick her up I couldn’t even recognised her! We talked […]

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Busy week and great party 🎉

Monday: I went jogging with Sarah. It was a really nice idea, but unfortunately it was freezing cold so it wasn’t really enjoyable. Tuesday/Friday: I had my driving lessons and they were just amazing. I’m really enjoying them. I still have quite a few problems with the clutch but I hope it’ll get better soon. […]

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Friends from Italy and Chinatown.

This week nothing really special happened. On Wednesday I got some essays back and , once again, I was really impressed by how teachers in England explain to you how to actually improve and to reach the top marks.✅ On Thursday I videoskyped with a friend who’s spending her year abroad in the US. She […]

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On Saturday I went to London🎉 I spent the whole day with Sarah, 2 Swiss girls and a Taiwanese. It has been so interesting to hear about their experiences as exchange students and about their home country. After we met each other at the train station we went straight to Camden Town.😍 it was so […]

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Driving license and Genoa

This week I had my first driving lesson and I enjoyed it so much!! Unfortunately I haven’t had much time to drive, as my teacher explained to me how to use every single tool in the car,but I still enjoyed it. At the beginnig it has been quite complicated, as I didn’t know the English words […]

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